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Equal Exchange Products

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church makes fair-trade products available the second full-weekend of each month.  During the coronavirus pandemic, however, in-person sales have been suspended … BUT products are available for purchase by emailing or calling Mary Jo Ockenga ( OR 440 . 839 . 2008).

Pandemic orders may be picked up at the parish office on Monday or Tuesday from 9a to 2p, or Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 9a to noon.  For those with a key-card, orders may be picked up from the front-sacristy counter (behind the altar) during the hours your key-card is programmed to work.

The full catalog of products (although not all may be in stock at the time you order) include:


COFFEE (12oz bag - except as noted¹)TEA
Breakfast Blend (drip or bean)
Ethiopian (drip or bean)
French Roast (drip)
French roast (bean)¹
Mind Body Soul (drip or bean)

¹2-pound bag
$18/2# bag¹
Earl Grey
English Breakfast
English Breakfast (decaf)
Irish Breakfast
Original Black
Green w/ginger
Jasmine Green
Mint Green
Rooibos Chai
CHOCOLATE BARS – $2.50 (except as noted³)HOT CHOCOLATE 12 OZ
Coconut Milk (dairy free)
Milk Caramel Crunch
Dark Almond
Dark Caramel Crunch
Lemon Ginger w/Pepper
Dark Mint Crunch
Dark Orange
Very Dark
Extreme Dark

Total Eclipse

Dark Whole Almond w/Sea Salt³
55% cacao
43% cacao
43% cacao
55% cacao
55% cacao
55% cacao
67% cacao
65% cacao
71% cacao
82% cacao

92% cacao

55% cacao
Hot (milk) Chocolate
Dark Hot Chocolate
Spicy Hot Chocolate
$5.35/12 ounce can
Natural Cashews (8 oz)
Natural Almonds (8 oz)
Natural Pecans (10 oz)

Roasted Cashews (8 oz)