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Baptism — general info

Catholics Sponsors for Baptism or Confirmation 

Church law directs that a Catholic sponsor:                 

  • Must be registered in a Catholic parish;
  • Is 16 years of age or older;
  • Has received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, and Confirmation;
  • Joins weekly in the celebration of Mass and receives Holy Communion;
  • If married (or living together), were married in the presence of a priest or deacon.

For the Sacrament of Baptism, two (2) godparents are typically chosen; one of each gender (based on the gender assigned to them at their birth).
For the Sacrament of Confirmation, a single sponsor is chosen.

The Catholic godparent/sponsor must obtain a Sponsor Certificate from their parish and submit this to Sacred Heart Parish Office two weeks or more prior to the Baptism.

Parishioners asked to be a Sponsor

If you are a member of Sacred Heart Parish and have been asked to be a Sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation, please review the requirements stated above.  If you are living according to the requirements, please call the parish office and arrange a time to stop by when Fr. Trask is available to provide you with your sponsor certificate.

Sponsors/godparents of Eastern Catholic and/or Orthodox Traditions:

  • In addition to a Roman Catholic Godparent, the other Godparent may be of an Eastern Catholic or Orthodox Rite church.
  • Must be registered in their home parish.
  • Must attend Divine Liturgy WEEKLY
  • If married, must have been married in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic or Orthodox church
  • Obtain a Sponsor Certificate from their parish.

Sponsors of Mainline Protestant Traditions (Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc)

A non-Catholic may act as a Christian Witness, only when accompanied by a practicing Catholic sponsor who fulfills each of the requirements stated above.

If a non-Catholic is chosen to act in this capacity, he or she must be a baptized Christian.  In addition it is strongly recommended that he or she is:

  • An active, registered member of their Christian church;
  • One who attends worships services on a regular basis;
  • One who demonstrates his or her Christian values in the way they live.

While a non-Catholic serving as a Christian Witness does not need a sponsor certificate, we do request a letter from his/her pastor indicating that the individual is actively practicing his/her faith.

If an individual has ever been Catholic and now affiliates themselves with another faith tradition, they may not serve as a Christian Witness.  Additionally, a Catholic who has not yet been Confirmed, may not be considered a Christian Witness—in the hopes of getting around the requirement of being Confirmed in order to be a godparent..

Sponsors/godparents from other religious traditions: (e.g. Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Unitarian Universalist, etc):

  • Although individuals of these traditions may lead outstanding and upright lives, they do not believe in the Trinity – a foundation of our Catholic faith.
  • While individuals of these, and similar, traditions are welcome to attend your child’s Baptism, they are not eligible to serve as Godparent or Christian Witness.

If you have questions regarding Baptism  or sponsors for Baptism or Confirmation, please call  Fr Trask (440.987.9873).

To schedule a baptism, call 440.707.6707 x0 to speak with the parish secretary.