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Holy Orders

In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, or Ordination, the priest being ordained vows to lead other Catholics by bringing them the sacraments (especially the Eucharist), by proclaiming the Gospel, and by providing other means to holiness.

A deacon also receives the Sacrament of Holy Orders and vows to serve his bishop in the ministies of the Gospel, by being of service to God’s people and assisting in the community’s celebration of the Mass. To learn more about  the role of the deacon click on this link:

In the Diocese of Cleveland, we are blessed to have a major seminary. While its primary purpose is the formation and preparation of men to receive the sacrament of Holy Orders  as ordained priests or deacons, it also serves the wider population of the church for preparation of women and men for other ministries highly valued by the church.  For over 150 years, Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology has been teaching and passing on the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church to hundreds and thousands of students.  Saint Mary’s has been training men and women as leaders in the Church and local community. To learn more about the seminary, click on this link:

Men who are interested in Priesthood or Diaconate are invited to call Fr. Trask.