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Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)

Let us continue to prayer with, and for, one another.
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    Please–prayers for Mark M.

    Family and friends, we pray to Jesus. Amen.

    Thank you, Lord, for everything.

    Melanie & Nik for travels.

    Thanks for a good day with all my kids.

    For Agnes–as she navigates a very difficult life stage.

    Madison M. & Becky & Sam M. (Russ B.’s granddaughter).

    Lindsey M.

    Mother – Car J.

    The Marching Band.

    For the repose of the soul of my sister, Sue M.

    Madison Ann M. & her mama, Rebecca M.

    Katie K. & Family.

    Bill H’s. Family.

    For Mark M. as he faces more health challenges.

    For my family & good health to all & graciousness.

    Greta N.

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