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Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)

At this time, when we cannot make use of a physical ‘petition book’ – let us continue to prayer with, and for, one another.
(Make sure to solve the math problem at the end of the posting process; that’s how the system filters out spam-bots)


    For family & friends, we pray.

    For Martin M. diagnosed with leukemia.

    For Mike & Nonnie.

    For my children.

    Your prayers are requested for Don J., who is hospitalized with an infection.

    For the home bound and shut-ins — that they may be visited by a good member of the Body of Christ this holiday season to brighten their days.

    Katie K., Rachel & Jacob N.

    Please protect and Bless our grandchildren: Max, Grace, Miles, Cecilia & James O.

    For safe travel for all who will journey over the holidays.

    For those seeking a new beginning that they may meet with welcome arms, friendship & success.

    Continued prayers for Mark and his family.

    Keep Bob Z. in your prayers.

    Thank you for Lynn’s safe trip — Keep Scot safe too.

    Prayers for Sophia – minor surgery but big for grandma & her.

    For (newly) elected officials–that their decisions be guided by the Holy Spirit.

    For a safe trip for Lynn.

    For Michael N. — comfort him body and mind.

    For Richard who has mental health issues–that he may meet a compassionate and loving counselor who will guide him and help him find peace (and for his mother & father).

    For Bob Z.

    For Peter R. & his healing of back.

    For my healing of back & mind issues–Thank you, Jesus!

    For prayers for Mark M. — himself, his father & his mother.

    For all the residents of the Nord Group Homes on Butternut Ridge Road. and their devoted servant staff.

    For refugees in the Darian Gap.

    For peace in the family.

    For an increase in priestly vocations.

    For the success of Laura’s radiation treatments.

    For the repose of the soul of Jack B. and prayers for Fran and their family.

    For my cousin, Jean, who’s dying & for her family.

    For Carol S. — enduring so many crosses.

    For Bob who’s hospitalized.

    For the R. family on the loss of their sister.

    For my neighbor & his family that his cancer treatments go well.

    For safe travel for all my family traveling this weekend.

    For Bob Z.

    Special Intention.

    In thanksgiving for the birth of a healthy child.

    For Gary M. & for his family.

    For our PSR students & confirmation candidates.

    For our parish.

    Soul of Neil S. and his good family.

    For my children & families.

    For my daughter, CJ, please Lord, for her mental health.

    For my father to be welcomed into the Lord’s arms.

    Family & Friends; we pray to God. Amen.

    The family dynamics of my sister, Joan, and I.

    For Dan M. who has long COVID.

    For Calvin L.; may love surround him.

    For Pat & JoAnne.

    For Fr. C.’s sister (and his safe travel).

    For my friend, Marsha, who has breast cancer.

    For T. Family.

    Sarah F. — bad concussion.

    For the repose of the soul of Phil V.: May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

    For Laura’s quick & successful recovery from her surgery tomorrow.

    Prayers for Mark M. and family in N.Y. He leaves today to help his parents.

    Gary M., his wife & family.

    For Maryhelen C.S. (sister of Fr. C) & for her family.

    Continued prayers for Mark M’s. dad.

    Mike D.

    For Cliff as he enters rehab & his family.

    Rich & Jan on death of her mother & safe travel for all attending.

    For healing of my back & rotator cuffs. Thank you, Jesus.

    For Nita & Ted as they deal with heart issues.

    For Mary Helen – advanced cancer.

    For Calvin struggling in 2nd grade & for his parents.

    For the safety of travelers.

    In thanksgiving for another birthday for my mother and for the family my parents created.

    For a successful surgery for Laura.

    For the repose of the soul of Queen Elizabeth II.

    For an end to the war in Ukraine and for the resurgence of its people.

    Prayers for our teachers and students.

    Please lift our 14 yr old son Collin up with healing prayers. He tore his ACL last week and will need surgery. He’s so disappointed to miss sports for the better part of the year. Please pray his recovery is speedy and thorough.

    For Maryhelen & Carol.

    For Teddy that he receives a suitable kidney & blessings.

    For Mara–healing & peace.

    For the repose of the souls of Bob P., Gerald M. & Dick S.

    For Carol S.

    For conversion of our children not following the Lord.

    For Lynn’s safe trip west.

    For Nate’s family–dealing with many challenges after his death.

    For Jenie. May her illness be short.

    Special intention for family friend.

    For success with faith in the forthcoming academic year for A.M.

    For Bob K. and also the family – Judy, Joy, Zoe, Kristin and the others.

    For Tommy Z.

    Thank you for a successful surgery.

    For the repose of the soul of Cindy C.

    For Residents of Welcome Nursing Home who have COVID.

    Mike M. & Narnie.

    For his successful surgery.

    Charles M.- brother of Kim F.-serious illness.

    Please I ask for prayers for my nieces newborn son, James Jeffrey Stegman who was born only a few short days ago and is experiencing breathing issues, blood issues and seizures. I pray that the healing hand of God will touch him and heal any health issues he is experiencing. In Jesus name I pray and ask for prayers for this little one and his loving parents. Amen.

    For Schulyer–a lost soul.

    Donna Hayes

    Mark McKinley and parents.

    Joe M. & Family–former parishioner of Sacred Heart.

    Nora T. at Welcome Nursing Home.

    For Dick S., who died, & for his family.

    For Fr. Bob Glepko.

    In thanksgiving for my son-in-law’s successful heart surgery.

    Prayers for a good & safe trip to Pa. to retrieve belongings of bro’s house to Ohio.

    For Barb–cancer & COVID.

    For Liam & Nita– for healing.

    For Mike F. – cancer.

    Alex, Diego, C.J.–We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Family & Friends, we pray. Amen.

    Joanne W.

    Pat S.

    For Colleen C-W & husband, Tom W., who were in an accident this past week. Tom most seriously hurt.

    B. family for death of mother, Helen.

    Your prayers are requested for Mary, a Sacred Heart parishioners who’s recently experienced numerous health setbacks.  On top of health concerns, she just fell and broke her shoulder and is now hospitalized.  Prayers for her health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) are all deeply appreciated.

    For Joann W. & Pat S. & families.

    Thank you for my sister & family.

    For safe trip to Pa & good relationship with family.

    R. & M. Brain scans–Monday.

    Donna H.

    Ruby [2 year old with brain tumor (mass)] and her family.

    Please pray for Rose T. , a resident of Welcome Nursing Home who has been hospitalized with a non COVID ailment.

    Thank you — Please help my sister & her children.

    For Anita — that her heart issues are resolved.

    Randy & Haven, please.

    For the J. family.

    For Jeremy B. and for the B. family.

    For Cayden & his parents.

    For my cousins who are ill.

    Terry for recovery from surgery.

    Aunt Helen for peace & her family for their loss.

    For Cayden, thank you, Lord, he is OK no need for NICU. Continue to watch over him. He is so tiny. Not even 5 lbs.

    For a safe trip.

    God bless everyone at SHOJ Parish. Donna Jean/Marie & family.

    For Julie and all teachers.

    For all our children who are not following our Lord.

    For a missing friend — may he be safe.

    For R. — for successful treatment for cancer.

    For my successful treatment of teeth & stomach problems.

    Chris B.

    Pray for Mrs. S. for healing.

    For T. family.

    For Jan W.’s family.

    For safe delivery & healthy great-granddaughter.

    For graduates to keep God in their lives.

    A special intention — for strength in a difficult situation.

    Lauren, the mother of my 15 month old grandson, with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

    Protect Julie.

    For the repose of the soul of Karen T. & for her family.

    For Danny R. & for all the sick of our family.

    For the repose of the soul of Robert S. & for his family.

    For our newly ordained priests & transitional deacons.

    For my cousin, Jean, who’s been on dialysis for several years; for Danny who has cancer; for a young lady who’s struggling with addictions (and for her family).

    For the repose of the soul of Karen T., who died on Easter Sunday, and for her family & friends who miss her very much.

    For the First Communicants that as they receive Jesus today they continue to grow in His love.

    Thank you for the safe trip.

    Guide Faith & her family as she makes her First Communion.

    Please keep Kelly in your thoughts & prayers–found to have stage 4 cancer–no symptoms–thank you.

    Also keep Faith and all her family safe & under Your guiding arms.

    I pray the Supreme Court will overturn the MURDER decision made in 1973.

    For Dawn, that she finds her courage in living alone again; may she find peace.

    For a safe trip.

    For Maria – fight a life-threatening illness.

    For my family and friends pray.

    For Laura and her family as she begins treatments to fight her breast cancer.

    For Don.

    For my mom’s birthday.

    For our son, Ted (44), who needs a kidney transplant.

    For Dan, a 41 year old with COVID complications.

    For those who were confirmed on Sunday. May the Holy Spirit be with them and guide them now and always.

    For Linda H. who has breast cancer.

    For Nate — for success in his cancer treatment.

    For the 3 girls in Strongsville whose father killed their mother & himself.

    For Jim suffering from cancer and his wife, Maggie, that he may soon be out of ICU and have his health restored.

    For Yufei, may her biopsy be benign.

    For Cathie, a speedy recovery from her foot surgery.

    Brian (57) who is having a ventilator removed today — and his good and faithful wife, Theresa — may God be with them.

    Prayers for Mark’s father who is having an operation this Friday, 5/25, for removal of cancer.

    For Donna R. (Keystone Pointe) & her daughter who had brain surgery.

    For heart procedure…Joyce M.

    For my sister, Linda, who has just been diagnosed with stomach cancer — 3 weeks left for her life.

    For a special intention.

    For brother’s health and recovery.

    A special intention!

    Special thoughts & prayers for the intention for Tonya K.

    For Connie F. & family and for the repose of their husband & father, Greg.

    For the K. family.

    For my brother for peace of mind & better attitude.

    Please pray for the S. family.

    For Bill M. in palliative care and dying. **(Passed away 2/10/22.) May he rest in peace!

    Jen’s mom – for health.

    For Ja W.

    For Bill, Sr.

    For Steve F. (who recently died) & for all our children who’ve lost their faith. Also for the K. family.

    For Ukraine, may God help them.

    For the Russians, may God help them.

    May God be with all world leaders & may the Holy Spirit guide them in all they do.

    For the B. family’s continued recovery from their accident.

    For the people of the Ukraine. That the government of Russia desist from their efforts to overtake Ukraine’s’ sovereignty.

    For Christine T. and all her family in their grief at the loss of her husband, Mike.

    For good mental & Physical health. For my family & I. Thank you, Jesus.

    For a successful medical procedure for V.

    Richard McKinley, father of Mark, has been diagnosed with kidney cancer – with several tumors having been located in the kidney.  Prayers for Richard and his wife are most appreciated. 
    Surgery is likely, but the doctor who diagnosed the cancer is no longer active as a surgeon – so prayers for finding a surgeon in a timely manner are also requested. 

    For my family — may they be grateful.

    For my brother, Mike, that he retains his health thru chronic leukemia. For peace in the family and better communication w/spouse.

    For Gerald’s recovery and healing.

    Thank you for the safe trip.

    For JoAnn.

    Please say prayers for our second grade PSR class as we begin preparation for First Holy Communion.

    Please pray for Bill M. and Bob F. in ICU for Covid.

    For my friend & my granddaughter (18)–both are suffering from chest pains–no cause(s) determined for either.

    For Christopher.

    Grant Eternal rest for my friend, Raye Anne.

    For Adam R. who died on 2/2/22 from surgery complications.

    For those with addictions & those who fee overwhelmed.

    For children & others to be protected from abuse.

    For an end to abortion & that all children be welcomed, loved & cared for.

    For a safe trip.

    For Cora — healing.

    For Mary — repose of her soul.

    For the repose of the soul of Mrs. M. & for her family.

    For parents’ health and well-being.

    For a family in the community who lost everything in a house fire this past week (January 10th).

    For recovery for Joe M. (shoulder break)

    For recovery — Jim R.

    In thanksgiving for a friend’s recovery from COVID.

    Joyce M. — Prayer for heart condition testing.

    Please, Jesus, heal Joe & Rose. Thank you.

    For the “W. family” who all have COVID. Little Liam in the hospital.

    For Mary as she continues her health struggle.

    For our friend, Chris, may he have a successful surgery and chemotherapy. Pray for him.

    For Susan, Ron & Mackenzie G. — all sick with flu.

    For Fr. Jay F.

    My mother, Carmelene J. (sent home from hospital on oxygen).

    For the students, staff & parents of Oxford, Michigan.

    For the repose of the soul of Curt U. For his family as they grieve his death.

    For Mary H. as she endures health struggles & for the family that cares for her.

    For Ethan L. as he embarks on his 8 week journey in Basic Military Training for the USAF!

    That Chris’ heart surgery is successful.

    For Ann B’s recovery from heart issues.

    For those suffering from Covid.

    For better strength in my arms & shoulders.

    For the repose of the soul of Bernadine T-W. and for our family as we mourn the loss of Mom/Grandma!

    For my children & older grandchildren to come back to church.

    For my cousin, Ann, who is in the hospital.

    For J & S’s baby girl.

    For Liam as he undergoes his first surgery.

    Please pray for my husband’s arthritis as we pray for all intentions.

    My daughter, Kathy, has cancer and the treatment is so difficult to manage. It hurts her so bad. Please pray that God cures her and makes her healthy again. (St. Peregrine, pray for Kathy)

    For my back & shoulder & a safe holiday! Thank you.

    Thank you for the good outcome of my test.

    For Ron G. — broken foot.

    For David S. — recovering from surgery.

    Justin H. — healing (and for his family).

    For Brandon — knee pain — residual from bout with shingles.

    Pray for Lois J.

    A special mention for a friend of the family’s baby who has to have surgery. Praying for the baby to get through surgery & be restored to health. (Amen)

    Pray for me (amen)
    Pray for the Soul of Michael Glowacki

    For pain in right shoulder and arm and hopefully the ability to get assistance after surgery
    For my sibling’s good health

    For those struggling with the pandemic including families who have become divided over vaccines, etc. Help us, Lord.

    Praying for my right shoulder & arm – need surgery – but need help with after care – no family in the area to help with dressing, etc. & no driving for 2 months.

    May the Lord provide for you.

    Ron & Sherry (suffering from COVID-19)

    For the repose of the soul of Fred G. & for his family.

    Ron M. family

    Children (and their families) suffering from COVID-19.

    For a positive resolution to families struggling with the challenges of the pandemic.

    For negative result of biopsies.

    For all those struggling with chronic conditions.

    I pray for God’s guidance for all those who are still struggling with the decision of whether or not to get vaccinated because of their religious beliefs.

    Request prayers for cataract operation’s successful completion and for future sight.

    Praying for the family to have hope in Christ.

    Pray for Marty F. (cancer) and for his family.

    Pray for the soul of George L. (and his family).

    Pray for the soul of Jildo Peter D. and family.

    Pray for the soul/anniversary of Jildo D; and for the souls of Juan & Inocencia B., Jildo Peter D. (1st Anniversary Death), Juan & Fidela U., Josefa D. & Eustoquia D.

    Mrs. P., Miss Amanda

    Danny R. — Has cancer (St. Peregrine, pray for him) & is deciding what to do about it.

    For lapsed & “cafeteria” Catholics; for non-believers.

    For the repose of the soul of Bp. Pilla.

    For my sister, Sue, who had heart surgery.

    For Lauren.

    Lauren — Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    Paula D. — repose of her soul.

    Randi R. W. — ease her pain.

    For Steve, that his surgery heals his leg and he is able to be mobile.

    For my grandchildren to be safe at the dance today.

    For my children & grandchildren who have fallen away to find their way back.

    Safe family trip this weekend.

    Chris B. & family.

    For my brother, John, who needs attention to his disposition, Lord, as well as I need patience. Thank you.

    For Ashton & Mark. For Judy & Rick. For Healing.

    For all those who have lost the faith.

    My daughter-in-law with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    For Denise P. — on ventilator (COVID).

    For Sue S. — kidney failure & COVID.

    For Ron G. — good outcome of medical tests.

    For healing of my right shoulder & arm without surgery. Thank you, Jesus.

    For Danny R & Danny & Sue S.

    For residents of Welcome Nursing Home & other such places.

    Lord, bless my friend Karen’s great grandchild (due in April). Keep it healthy and fill it with Your spirit.

    Prayers for Ashton & Rob.

    My mom, Elaine, and all cancer patients & survivors. And for my sister, Julie, & her family! Thank you.

    My future daughter-in-law.

    For Claudette, Colleen & Nancy – for healing from COVID, stroke & lung disease. For Their caregivers & Sr. Rita.

    For my aunt who died & for a cousin’s granddaughter who’s suffering from anxiety & depression.

    For Roxanne as she recovers from surgery.

    Prayers for the safety of those taking international flights in the upcoming weeks.

    For Ashton, Mark, Liam, Curt, Joanne, Rick & others dealing with health issues.

    For the success of an on-going project.

    For Bud, who had a heart attack and is awaiting open-heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.

    For those in danger from natural disasters.

    Please pray for my children, grandchildren that they may be continuously drawn to Jesus, inspired by the Holy Spirit to live Holy and Loving lives that bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. For my marriage that it grows in union with God’s will and provides light of Hope.

    Pedro R. family pray in Jesus’ name.

    For the flooded victims in Europe.

    My sister’s 21st birthday.

    For the repose of the souls of Richard M. and Larry H.

    For Ashton, for Liam and his family, for Roxane–all facing medical problems.

    For the quick sale of 421 Northwoods Ave.


    May GOD BLESS all of you who have prayed for us!!! It means so much!!!

    I have begun a 2nd round of a different kind of chemotherapy and may have to get an operation for the cancer. Please continue to pray for me as well as my wife and children. – Mike

    Dear Lord, Please pray for my daughter, Julia and my husband, Frank. For continued good health and healing. For my other daughter, Jenna, thank you for helping to heal her lower extremities. That I may stay in good health. That my parents and other loved one’s souls in Heaven may continue to flourish. Thank you.

    Please pray David’s biopsy will come back negative and he’ll be cured of cancer.

    Please pray for my family that they will get together again.

    For Sue’s continued recovery.

    For unborn children & their parents.

    For all children to be loved & cared for.

    For Joanne, Curt, Liam, Marla, Rick – for healing.

    For Myrna & the McG. family – mourning the loss of loved ones.

    For my sister, Patti, who died. My heart is broken.

    For Laura’s husband – heart problems.

    For Vivian who was in a car accident.

    Continual healing for Dorothy.

    Strength for chemotherapy for Rita.

    For Nick & Jeff, my brothers.

    For my friend Jeanne who is in the hospital.

    For Rita; strength for chemo.

    For Dorothy; a speedy recovery.

    For Liam as he struggles to survive.

    For a plan, life change, that is developing.

    Lord Jesus, I offer Thanks to to you for giving us Father Trask. He has kept both Parishes going as if everything was normal during this pandemic and without a deacon. I hope he will be able to get some respite in the near future. Thank you the many blessings You have bestowed upon us.

    For all children to be loved & cared for.

    For Curt as he undergoes chemo.

    For my mother-in-law, Ethel.

    For Henry and Claudine.

    For medical personnel, researchers, postal & grocery store employees & for everyone else who has to work during the pandemic.

    For all of us to keep turning back to You, Lord, in this time of uncertainty.

    For my brother & 2 sister-in-laws who died this past year & their families.

    For Rita M. –breast cancer treatment and diagnosis.

    For Joanne as she deals with a heart problem.

    Bobby — battling cancer.

    For Rick — as he recovers from a stroke.

    Sara, Jared & their baby — for a safe delivery.

    Please pray for my granddaughter and her family. Because if her hospitalization with Covid which she contracted at work, she has been unemployed since 11/20 without benefits. Her home burned down in 1/21 without receipt of insurance settlement yet. Her income tax filed 2/9 and approved by IRS 2/11 has not been received. She is homeless living with the assistance of family members. I trust that the Lord has a plan for her. I ask all prayer warriors to pray for her emotional and physical stability.

    Please pray for my mom Elaine L. This is her third bout with cancer in four and half years and she’s been struggling with this chemo treatment because it’s three times as strong. She’s very weak and very fatigued along with all the other side effects that go along with chemotherapy. Thank you

    Lois J is asking prayers for Chuck’s nephew Ryan who lives in Fostoria. Ryan has been diagnosed with COVID and is very ill. He’s only 14-years-old.

    Lois is also asking for prayers for her niece who lives in Amherst. She has recently learned she has some serious health problems.

    Dolores B is asking for prayers for her 92-year-old sister.

    Please pray for William P. Sr. who is in the hospital with cancer, COVID-19, and issues with sugar. His family is unable to visit or speak with him, so please pray for his family as well – as they suffer with William from-a-distance.

    Please include my father and mother in law in your prayers. He was transferred from his care facility yesterday to the hopital after testing positive for COVID. He has alzheimers and we have not been able to visit them in New York for over a year. My mother in law has to self quarentine until Jan 2. We pray for their health and strength to pull through and their faith to comfort them during this season. I humbly ask for prayers for my husband as well for it is difficult to be so far away and not able to help.

    Please pray for my childhood friend, Mary Ann (Onchak)Price, who passed yesterday and for her family.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Phillip Bruder who died on December 18th after long suffering, and for peace and comfort for his wife and daughters.

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my friend, Ken Miltner, who passed suddenly on Friday.

    The brother of a colleague of mine is quite ill with COVID. Please pray for him along with his family – they are very worried about him as they’ve been having difficulty getting him needed treatment.

    I have a prayer request for my Aunt Jan. She was in remission but her cancer is back with a vengeance, and she is in the hospital in South Bend, due to a UTI infection that has gone into her blood. Please pray for riddance of the infection so that she can go home where she wants to be. Thank you.

    UPDATE …on my Aunt Jan. My Uncle called yesterday, said he went to see her and she was sitting in a chair, said hello and asked about the weather. PRAISE GOD! He said, your prayers kicked in sweetie ! I told him it wasn’t just me…so I thank you all and ask for you to continue. He said when he left the night before, he said his goodbyes and was set to plan a funeral. I told him the power of prayer can be amazing ! and he got to witness this. She’s come a long way from being incoherent to coherent…told him bet you thought I was crazy. Once she gains her strength, she’ll decide to continue with chemo due to the spread of the cancer. Peace and a Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you.

    Please Pray for my daughter Sarah Findish. She is having surgery this Wednesday November 18 to have her gall bladder removed. I know it’s not a big surgery but she is really worried and anxious about it. I pray God calms her nerves and guides the surgeons hands. Thank you

    Please pray for Rose Thome at Welcome Nursing Home who will have surgery on Tuesday, and for a lack of pain and a rapid recovery.

    Prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Colleen Taylor who passed away at Welcome last week. A Catholic, she was receiving the weekly bulletin, and regular visits before the pandemic.

    Please include in your prayers Audrey Spiros, 90 years old and blind, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Her daughter prays that she will not endure suffering.

    Please pray for my cousin, John, who needs to undergo chemotherapy.

    Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide him towards seeking, asking, and knocking towards the Kingdom of Heaven. Bring him a clear mind, and content heart in the love of Jesus. May his journey through the darkness be transformative into the light of Christ, and the will of the Father.

    In Jesus name

    Please pray for Clay Palmer who is an active military member recently deployed to the Middle East.

    Please keep the D. family in your prayers. Don died last night leaving his wife, Norma, and many children and grandchildren to grieve this loss.

    The kids are heading back to daycare and we are nervous about this and all its impact for our family.

    I would appreciate prayers for a special intention.

    Also prayers for my granddaughter Lisa. Her best friend since 5th grade died suddenly Thursday. Prayers that Lisa has the strength to handle her grief as she tries to help the family.

    please continue prayers for our family
    things continue to be very very difficult…
    also J will be having a procedure on his back Wednesday and they found he has several herniated discs in his lumbar and sacral area…

    Please include in your prayers Joann Jenkins, who had a heart attack recently. Thanks be to God, she’s home, but she and Dave could both use prayers now.
    Please also pray for my friend who was diagnosed with a serious disease, and my classmate, who’s gone into cardiac arrest three times.
    Update: my cousin’s daughter, Jenny, who woke up blind in the summer, can see, at least partially. In addition, her leukemia is now under control.
    Thank you all so much.

    Would you please remember my friend in your prayers. She had a colonoscopy and a sample was sent in. She is waiting for the report this week, but she beat it about20 years ago – a different place. Also, a couple of my friends who are having trouble with the depression from quarantine

    Please pray for my mom she’s been having stomach issues again and we fear it might be cancer coming back after 4 years cancer free. Her numbers in testing keep going up. doctor says she’s concerned and watching the test results. thank you so very much!!!!!

    Please pray for Jay, a 43-year-old, who’s having a lot of health problems, including some with his heart. Thank you.

    Please pray for all residents of the Welcome Nursing Home that they may remain virus free. Also remember all management and health care professionals who are maintaining the well being of everyone there.
    Please pray for resident Rose Thome who is now recovering from a bad infection (not virus), a hospital stay, and pneumonia.

    Sam Steinacker’s thumb continues to improve. His medical team has hope for very good healing and recovery. Thank you gor praying, please continue.

    My daughter-in-law’s Uncle Remzi has been diagnosed with a quickly-progressing form of dementia. Please pray for him and his family. They’re devastated. Also, Kaitlyn, a former foster child of my daughter and son-in-law, died of an overdose; she was 19. Thank you.

    Sam Steinacker’s thumb surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday the 14th.
    There was some hope it would not be neccesary, but as things have progressed, this is the latest plan.
    Please pray for the surgical team, for restoration of asuch if thd thumb as possible, and for healing.

    No surgery on Sam’s thumb, as the surgeon saw improvement and healing. Please continue prayers for healing.

    Please pray for Ruth and Dan Steinacker’s son Sam, husband of Amanda who was received into the Church recently. He crushed his thumb with a table saw and will be having surgery shortly. Please lift up the entire family in your prayers.

    In appreciation and gratitude for the life of Stuart Friebert, and deepest sympathy to his devoted and loving wife, Diane Vreuls, and their children, Sarah and Stephen. May he Rest In Peace in God’s loving arms.

    Update. My cousin’s daughter, Jenny, who awoke blind a few weeks ago, is now staying with her in-laws because her husband works 6 days a week. Each night, though, Jenny’s husband takes her outside for a walk. Someone else takes her for her every-other-week blood work. Thank you for your continued prayers.

    Joan Spencer requested prayers for her brother-in-law, Benny — for his psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being.

    Your prayers are request for Stuart who, following shoulder surgery, has suffer from complications – including double pneumonia and heart issues.

    UPDATE: As of 5:30 this afternoon, they’ll be moving Stuart to hospice. Your continued prayerful support is appreciated.

    Prayers, please, for my Aunt Tiny (97), who was too anxious to get to the television to watch Sunday’s 6 a.m. Mass, and she fell. She’s bruised from head to toe. Her eyes are especially blackened. Also, her granddaughter, Jenny, woke up blind recently. Jenny, 38, was then found to have leukemia. Her sight could come back … or not. Finally, my aunt’s daughter Mary has been having a really tough time with many medical problems. Thank you so much.

    Update on Francel Scott, the expectant mother who was suffering from kidney stones and other problems. Baby Olivia was delivered safely, but early. She’s now doing well, but Francel is still dealing with the stones, and her family is worried that she may slip into postpartum depression. Thank you for your continued prayers.

    For Jayne, who is battling lung cancer … and for her family.

    June 19 UPDATE: Jayne passed and was laid-to-rest on Tuesday, June 16th. Continued prayers for her, as well as her family, are appreciated.

    Update on my friend Willard. Turns out he has “high grade” bladder cancer. His doctor is confident he removed all of it, but Willard will have to go back every 3 months for check-ups. If it comes back, he can have 2 more surgeries, then injections, maybe worse. They have great trust in God and certainly appreciate all our prayers.

    Please pray for a friend who has 3 aneurisms and complications from those. She’s waiting to learn if there are additional aneurisms in her brain. She had to be flown to U.H.’s trauma surgical ICU awhile back. They kept her five days. Thank you.

    Please continue to pray for Juan who is still (since November 2019) awaiting (in Mexico) his immigration hearing. I am also praying for his wife & 4 children who are missing their loved one

    Please continue to keep in your prayers Francel Scott, who’s having seriously painful complications during her pregnancy. To deal with a recently-developing infection, the doctor will deliver Baby Olivia by C-section late this coming week. Two weeks after that, God willing, another doctor can take care of her additional problems. Thanks so much.

    Pray that God bless, guard and guide Leah Bratton, who is graduating from high school this month.

    I ask for prayers that God bless, guide and guard the seniors who are graduating from our parish: Emma and Grace James, Noelle, Nickholas, Vincenzo and Blaise Ignagni, Tyler Wakefield, and any other grad whose name I don’t know.

    Please pray for my neighbor’s son-in-law, Steve, who was sent home with a fever and cough. Thank you very much.

    Please pray for Henry Miiro. He has both typhoid and malaria. He lives in Uganda and is one of the kids I sponsored through his schooling (although he is an adult now)

    I received this note from a good friend: Our pregnant daughter-in-law Francel is having a tough time with this time around. She’s having very bad pains that turned out to be a kidney stone which would not move. She’s been hospitalized and was having contractions as well. (Baby not due until June 11.) They did a complicated procedure to put a shunt in. They will remove the stone when she goes to have the C section done. Anyway Francel is totally miserable. Please pray for her. Thank you.

    Please pray for Michael Rotsaert who is 6. He is hospitalized with high fever, rash, and pain which comes and goes. He has a medical team working to figure out what he has; COVID19 has been ruled out. Please pray also for his family as they weather this with him. Thank you.

    Please pray for my cousin, Maryrose, whose illness has progressed and has now requested only comfort care.

    UPDATE: Please now pray for the repose of the soul of Maryrose. May she Rest In Peace.

    Please pray for my cousin Mary, who’s having a tough time with Crohn’s disease. Thanks so much.

    Prayers of Thanksgiving for answered prayer intentions. Also, for The Lord Jesus always letting me know that He’s with me. Finally, for very” quick healing” for one of my daughter’s illness. I really appreciate it!

    I would like to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. God has graciously answered a long term prayer of mine. My heart is full of wonder at the power of prayer.

    Dear Friends,

    I am asking prayers for my friend Melody Wright. Her daughter Sarah has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is struggling with its impact. Please pray for Sarah, Melody, and the entire family. Prayers are everything!

    In peace, Marla

    Please put my son-in-law, Ron, on the prayer chain.  My daughter Susan just left him at the ER.  Among other things, they’re going to do a chest X-ray to see if he has a fluid build-up.  They’ll also test him for the COVID virus, but the results won’t be known for 2 days.  He’s had many serious health problems over the years so he’s very susceptible to anything going around.
    Thank you.
    Carrol Wilhelm

    UPDATE: I wanted to let all our pray-ers know that my son-in-law’s COVID test came back early, and the results were negative. He has some other issues, but he’s feeling much better, and all of us are certainly grateful for that as well as for all the prayers.

    Please pray for my son-in-law, Ron Gatts. He suffers from many health problems, and now he’s in an ER with nausea, pain, possible fluid build-up, and, of course, possibly the corona virus. He’s very susceptible to anything going around. In 2 days we’ll know the results of the virus test. Thank you so much.

    Please pray for Don, who is suffering medical setbacks in the midst of a slow and arduous recovery … and who has been returned to the ICU unit. Pray also for all medical professionals who are working in the midst of this pandemic.

    UPDATE: After 80+ days in the hospital and rehab (each more than once), Don returned home on Friday, May 8th.

    Please pray for our whole world that Jesus will wash away the virus and heal everyone who is ill. May the Holy Spirit guide the hands of all the essential workers. Please Lord keep them all safe as they do your will.

    Please pray for my daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Michelle who are both Registered nurses and other family members in essential jobs

    Please pray for my friend, Colette Beaudroux and her husband John Andreas. She’s in serious condition in the hospital, suffering from COVID-19.

    I (Deacon Tom) have been trying to touch base with parishioners via telephone since COVID19 has eliminated the “face-to-face”. In these conversations parishioners have asked for prayers for the following people. Their specific need and their last names are irrelevant. But the fact that prayer has been requested should be enough that you and I will name them as we enter into prayer… Joseph, Mark, Kevin, Vincent, Rick, Rita, Jessie.

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