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Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)

At this time, when we cannot make use of a physical ‘petition book’ – let us continue to prayer with, and for, one another.
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    For Marty and Monica who are fighting cancer. For Mrs. D. who is as well.

    In thanksgiving and praise to the Blessed Trinity for the many gifts showered upon us.

    For successful transplant surgery–kidney from our daughter, Kristen, to our son, Ted, and a good recovery.

    Dick B. on his healing.

    Louise W. for health.

    Safe summer travels.

    For Joan R. as she enters hospice.

    For my daughter-in-law as doctors search for an answer to her health problems.

    For Gena in Texas–heart surgery.

    To find the special traditional books I have kept for my children — Saint Anthony, pray for us.

    For my brother, cousins, and sister-in-law and all those with cancers.

    For family and friends, we pray.

    For Jim H. — healing — cancer and/or peace.

    For the repose of the soul of Sherry S.

    For healing for Bob.

    For safe holiday travels.

    For L. & J as they celebrate their 3rd anniversary.

    Katie K.

    Mona & Dave–strength, patience & healing.

    My continued good health of heart and mind & for family togetherness.

    For my mother in her loneliness and failing health and mind. Protect her, oh Jesus.

    For our granddaughter, Adrijana, who is being diagnosed for neurological symptoms–12 years old (and for her family–mother, father, sister, brother).

    For the K. Family.

    For the J. Family.

    In thanksgiving for what the Blessed Trinity is giving our son! His voice! Alleluia!

    Katie K.

    Family & Friends, we pray. Amen.

    For Callie–healing.

    For my mother and her failing heart valve.

    For my neighbor, Ruth, who died, and for her family.

    Prayer for healing heart. Thank you, Jesus.

    Prayers for healing and direction.

    For Charles M., brother of Kim F., for healing of serious illness.

    For peace & redemption for Diane V.

    For healing for Sam D.

    For the health of Laura G.

    For Mom’s birthday, April 25th, & her family.

    For William Y.

    Andy S.

    Mike S.

    Eugene S.

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