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Google Classroom Setup

Two things are included on this web page:

    • The link to view the Friday, 9/25, PSR Parent Meeting, AND
    • Instructions on how to access your child’s login … for Google Classroom.

The PSR parent meeting is viewable (through mid-October 2020), and is available by clicking:

In order for your child(ren) to participate in Sacred Heart PSR program throughout the fall semester, Google Classroom will be an essential component of this catechetical process.  A parish based gmail-account (under the domain has been assigned to your child.  That said, you:

    • must log in to your child’s account
    • must change the password
    • ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to set up email-forwarding … so that you receive copies of any correspondence that is sent to your child(ren) through this parish based gmail-account. (Forwarding instructions are included below in a lengthy, but step-by-step, instruction.
    • Once into your child’s account, there’ll be an invitation email inviting your child to join his/her PSR classroom; please accept that invitation.  AND, if you have other gmail accounts on your computer, you must accept the invitation under your child’s login … otherwise you’ll receive an error saying you can’t join the classroom with a domain other than (and case does not matter with regard to the email address)

→ To access your child(ren)’s Google Classroom account ←

    • go to
    • Your child’s email address will be (note the period/dot between last & first name):
    • The default password for the account (which you are REQUIRED to change upon initial login) is: SHOPSR2020
    • Review the NEW MAIL and accept your child(ren)’s invitation to his/her particular Google Classroom. AND, if you have other gmail accounts on your computer, you must accept the invitation under your child’s login … otherwise you’ll receive an error saying you can’t join the classroom with a domain other than

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you enable email-forwarding on your child(ren)’s account, so that any incoming messages into this PSR email box are also copied to you; this allows you to, not only be aware of assignments a teacher may send but also to, be aware of any other correspondence received through this address.  The steps to enable forwarding may appear foreboding, but are relatively easy. If you have any problems, give Fr. Trask a call and he can help.  To enable forwarding:

1. Make sure you are logged into your child’s parish-based gmail account.

2. On the upper right quadrant of the screen:

a)   Click on the “gear icon,” which will drop down “Quick Settings”

b)   Click on “See all settings”

3.   Now that you’re on the Settings screen, click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” – it’s a setting across the top of the page.

a)   Once clicked, the first line at the top of the page will read “Forwarding”

b)   Click “Add a forwarding address”

c)   In the pop-up box, enter your email address to which a copy of each incoming email should be sent (eg. your personal email address) – then click NEXT.

d)   A pop-up box will appear, confirming the address you entered in the above step.  Click “PROCEED”.  You’ll be apprised that a confirmation code was sent to the email address you entered in step (2) above.  Click “OK”

e)   At this point, leave the window open (so you don’t need to navigate back to this screen.

1)   If you can retrieve the confirmation email from your cell phone, do so.  There will be a 6-to-12-digit confirmation code that you need to enter in the VERIFY box.  [If you were successful in this, SKIP “f)” BELOW]

2)   If you cannot retrieve the confirmation code from your cell phone:

(a) In a NEW BROWSER TAB, log into the email account where the confirmation code was sent.

(b)  Click on the link to confirm the forward request – and then click the OK button in the window that’ll pop up.

(c) Now you can return the gmail settings page [“Gmail » Settings » Forwarding and POP/IMAP”] and hit F5, to refresh the screen.

f) At the “Gmail » Settings » Forwarding and POP/IMAP” screen, select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”; your confirmed forwarding address should be showing.  ADDITIONALLY, the default setting should be “keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox”; this will ensure that your child retains a copy of the email.

7) LASTLY, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE CHANGES‼!

Thank you for the trust you’ve placed in us as we venture forward.  If you have any helpful suggestions, or would like to take a more active role in sharing the faith, please let us know!


Dr. Shelly Bussard                                          Fr. David Trask