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Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)

At this time, when we cannot make use of a physical ‘petition book’ – let us continue to prayer with, and for, one another.
(Make sure to solve the math problem at the end of the posting process; that’s how the system filters out spam-bots)


    For family & friends we pray to God.

    For those in nursing homes that miss their home from where they came–comfort them.

    For Sharon M. & her family.

    For brother, Ted, as he has a pace-maker procedure.

    With prayers that our children will return to the Church.

    Gratitude for 40 years my wife put up with me.

    For Rafael M. we pray to God.

    Repose of the souls of Grant R., Bob L.–& for their families.

    Safety of travelers: Fr. C., Deacon & Mrs. D.; my grandson, Thomas, & his friends.

    Prayers for Carl L.

    For vocations–especially Steven–if it be Your will.

    For Hannah’s mother.

    For peace between brother & sister.

    For Carl L’s. recovery.

    For F.’s surgery this week.

    For Al P. for recovery from surgery & positive test results.

    For Katie K.

    Peace in our country & the world.

    All victims of the 9/11 attacks on NY.

    Family & Friends, we pray to the Lord/my dream.

    For good word on my apt. inspection.

    For a happy brother & sister & happy family–food health.

    B. family for Mark’s health.

    M. Family–for blessings.

    For my brother and son-in-law.

    For Bill & his family. May he rest in peace.

    For Fred & his family. May he rest in peace.

    For the P. & W. families.

    Keep Mary S in our prayers – she is having surgery next week (in 10 days).

    Keep Bob Z. in our prayers.

    For Monica and complete healing of her cancer.

    In thanksgiving for God’s incredible and unfathomable Providence. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

    For neighbor, Judy, who is in the hospital.

    For Dave and his upcoming surgery.

    For the repose of the soul of John T.

    For Christopher and positive answers to his prayers.

    For Cindy, Gerry while undergoing cancer treatments.

    Thank you for our safe trip.

    For my daughter’s mental health and please, Lord, let her have a successful school year and protect and guide her.

    Mary Ann N.

    For 6 year old, Andrew, newly diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma and his family.

    For my brother and sister.

    Jo Ann W.

    For total healing of my mind & body. Thank you, Jesus.

    Katie K., special intention.

    For all the athletic groups and teams, may they have a healthy season.

    For Christopher & Bill–health.

    For Grace.

    For Shirley – cancer.

    In thanksgiving, please join me in thanking God for mercies poured out on our family.

    For mercy on Chris and Amy in their difficult situation. All praise to God.

    Katie K.

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