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Info about Christmas Masses 2020

Due to COVID-19, admission to Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be BY RESERVATION ONLY – and MASKS ARE REQUIRED.  As reserved-seating at Christmas Masses will be on a first-come, first-reserved basis, please be understanding if the Mass time or seat location you desire has already been reserved by someone else.

WHY must we have reserved seating for Christmas?
While the standing-room-only crowds of prior years has powerfully demonstrated the centrality and the importance of the Incarnation in our lives – it is neither safe, prudent, or morally-responsible to gather in that manner in the midst of this pandemic.

What is the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Mass Schedule?
The initial Christmas schedule (more Masses will be added if these four fill up) is:
►Christmas Eve 4PM at St. Patrick – Wellington
►Christmas Eve 4PM at Sacred Heart – Oberlin
►Christmas Eve 9PM at St. Patrick – Wellington
►Christmas Morning 9AM at Sacred Heart – Oberlin

When can I sign up for a seat at Christmas Eve/Day Mass?
The option to reserve seating for Christmas Masses will go live in early-to-mid-December 2020 … so please check back at a later date to secure your reservation.  When reservations go “live,” there will be: announcements made at Mass; info in my weekly email; details in the weekly bulletin, and; a clickable link on the home page of our website.

When is the “children’s” Mass?
All Masses on Christmas (both Eve or Day) will be parish Masses intended for the entire family.  Especially in the midst of a booming-pandemic, it would be inappropriate and irresponsible to suggest or encourage those with children to attend a particular Mass because it had a unique focus.  All Christmas Masses will focus on the Incarnation → Christ being born into our world – our families, and – our lives.  

What happens if ALL the Christmas Masses FILL-UP?
If the available spots at all the scheduled Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses fill up, Fr. Trask will add an additional Mass (or, perhaps two, if the first added Mass also fills up).

Do I have to attend Mass on Christmas?
Because of the pandemic and the ease with which the coronavirus can be transmitted, the Bishops of Ohio have continued to dispense Catholics from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.  That said, those choosing not to attend Mass should still keep the Lord’s Day holy by prayerfully participating at a streamed Mass (whether on TV or the internet).

What are my options if I wish to participate in a live-streamed Mass on Christmas?
The Diocese of Cleveland will live-stream the 4pm Christmas Eve Mass on the diocesan website at (link will open in a NEW tab).  You are welcome to gather your family around computer, tablet, or screen and pray along with the live-streamed Christmas Eve Mass.